Quick & Dirty

Sometimes I just like to go straight to the action!

If you’re in the same mood, check out the first scene in Adam & Eve’s Quick & Dirty!

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Fakin’ it

Love, Sex & TV News

What do you think is going to happen when a sex starved newswoman goes undercover as an escort?

C’mon! It’s porn!

She has to fake a lot of things, but the sex is very real!

Directed by Will Ryder

Now this is fake news!


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Throwback Thursday: Dear Slip Lover 3

Here’s the last those erotic slip letters. I posted the first two quite awhile ago, and decided it was time to post the third.

Dear Slip Lover,

Hi, some of my friends think I should cut my hair, but I told them that I like it long and besides you like it long too! I hope my last letter didn’t cause too much of a scandal for you at work! Maybe I can make this one worse? I love to tease you, and I would have given anything to have seen you coming out of that bathroom like you just went horseback riding. Actually I think I would have liked to surprise you by stepping out of one of the stalls clad only in my slip! Now that would have been a sight to see, the look on your face alone would be worth the risk of being caught in the men’s room.

Hmm, what all should I write you about this time? Oh, I went shopping the other day, well window shopping actually. A few friends were with me and we had fun looking at all the latest fashions in the windows. Clothes are getting so risqué now a days, I love it. I bet no one would guess a slip from a dress now!

Slip Lover, I was thinking, see I have this little fantasy world where you and I are both single and date each other, well in this world I imagine what it would be like for us at our wedding. I have the dress all picked out, I saw it while window shopping the other day. I can picture a hall decorated with thousands of white roses and beautiful people surround the aisle on both sides. I don’t recognize anyone, but I feel they are our close friends. I look up the aisle and see the justice of the peace dressed in a white suit, and right before him is you. You are clad in the most gorgeous white tuxedo I have ever seen with a white carnation pinned to the lapel and when the march starts I begin to make my way towards you. My feet are almost dancing up the aisle in a pair of white silk slippers and my gloved hands grip a bouquet of white roses tightly, hoping the dream doesn’t evaporate. But it doesn’t, not yet, I can see the admiration in your eyes as you watch me coming toward you, then your eyes sharpen slightly as you notice my white wedding attire. I am clad in a white slip that almost reaches my toes, with a low neckline, and made of the sheerest material I dared choose. The shoulder straps are wider to give the effect of being a dress and the hem at the bottom is three inches of the most delicate lace. My ears and neck are adorned by white pearls and my gloves are made of white satin. The dream takes me up the aisle to stand by your side as we say our vows, then you take me into your arms and whisper how much you love my wedding dress and just as you are going to seal our bond with a kiss… the dream fades away, and I remember our reality. Which of course isn’t too bad either! I mean, if we were able to get married maybe our time together wouldn’t seem as important or special. That might ruin our magic. But dreams never hurt anyone and I wanted to share that one with you.

I was thinking of coming to visit again this summer before it gets too cold. I thought we could spend more time at Niagara Falls this time. I loved the way the sun created a permanent rainbow in the mist. I also thought it would be romantic to just stroll across the Rainbow bridge at the end of the day and watch the sunset. Oh, I just had a wicked thought! I remember you telling me once that you tried to videotape a girl whose skirt had blown up on the bridge… Well how about if we pick a nice breezy day to cross over the bridge and I will even let you bring a video camera. You could follow behind me as I try to walk in a way that the wind will catch my dress and show you peeks of my white slip. Mmm, I am beginning to have trouble separating fantasy from reality, I can see it all happening. I am giggling and dancing across the bridge playfully lifting my dress hem to help the wind do it’s job. I can see you following me, and laughing as you play photographer and tell me to turn this way and that way. We go half way across the bridge like this, stopping occasionally to strike silly poses and kiss passionately. I stop at the rail to catch my breath and just then the wind does it’s job perfectly as my dress is lifted just enough to see the hem of my slip, then the wind gets stronger and my dress rises higher to show an inch of my slip. I look into your eyes and can see the desire building. I beckon you closer and guide you to stand behind me as we look out over the bridge. Your stomach and thighs pressed against my back. I can feel your manhood growing against my ass through the material of my slip. I wiggle wickedly, and you groan as you swell even more. You whisper something naughty in my ear as I gently move my hips back and forth rubbing my slip against your cock. Then I casually reach back and free your cock from your trousers and delight in the feel of your naked cock against my thin slip. You push closer and hold me tight as I begin to now move my ass up and down just slightly. Your light groans and chuckles re-enforce my bravado and my hips move a bit quicker as your cock slides up and down against my slip covered ass. Your breathing gets heavier in my ear and I smile secretly as my ass works its magic some more. I gently guide your hands under my dress and you begin to fondle my pussy through my slip. I can feel our bodies getting sweaty as our pulses rise. I suddenly feel a drip of moisture running down my thigh as I let out a little cry of passion. I beg you to please my pussy more and you quickly turn me around so that your cock is now sandwiched between my dampening thighs. You teasingly thrust your cock back and forth, the shaft rubbing against my clit and parting my pussy lips. I arch my hips in hopes of your cock penetrating my needy slit. Finally, we work out the exact angle and you plunge your throbbing dick into my hungry pussy. We almost cry out in pleasure, the wait had been so long, and it felt so good. We rock back and forth rhythmically our bodies locked together so none will suspect what we are doing right out there in public. I can’t take anymore and I lean back hard on the railing, lifting my feet off the ground to drive your cock deeper into my pussy. I grab your hips and pull you back and forth, causing you to move in quick short thrusts, you eagerly take up the motion and sweat pours down our faces as we reach simultaneous climax, When we finish, we take deep breaths to regain our balance and look around. Everyone seems to have ignored us, but there are a few knowing glances cast our way that make us think we may have had an audience! We run hand in hand back to the car……

Then we drive back to the hotel laughing at our escape. Along the way I get a little playful and decide you need to be teased some more. So I hop over into the back seat and duck down so you can’t see me. I tell you it’s a surprise when you ask what I’m up to, then I hop back up into the front seat wearing only my slip. You nearly lose control of the car when you realize what I did. And I laugh wickedly at your fresh arousal, which I can see by the tent forming m your trousers. I wave at all the cars and people we pass, laughing at your expression of shock. But unfortunately none of them realized I was in my slip and not a sundress. When we arrive at the hotel you pull into the back and ask if I am going to put my clothes back on and I say “why?”. You laugh and go back in front to the valet line. You blush as the valet opens my door and looks admiringly at my slip but says nothing. He only looks at you and smiles. I casually walk right in the main doors of the hotel with you coming up behind me trying not to laugh. I can hear a few chuckles escape as we finally reach the elevators. Just when we think we made it and the doors begin to close, a lady rushes up and jumps into the elevator with us. You stand kind of in front of me, but the lady was obviously a slip lover because she looked at my attire and with a slight look of shock, gave me a quizzical look at which I smiled and shrugged my shoulders casting my eyes toward you to take the blame. She looked us both up and down one more time noting our sweaty brows, and started giggling. Just when it appeared that she was going to say something the elevator stopped at our floor. We stepped out into the hall and the lady was still giggling as the doors closed. We went to our room, lay back on the bed and laughed till our sides hurt.

Then you slowly began to run your hands over my stomach and fondle my slip covered breasts. My nipples hardened at your slightest touch. My body was quickly ready for you from all of our excitement. You lift me up and carry me down to the floor, laying down beside me and kissing my neck as your hands roam my slip clad form. I get antsy and pull on your trousers finally unfastening them and pulling them down from your waist. You take them off and as you are pulling off your shirt, I swallow your cock into my mouth and you jump in surprise. We continue with our playful foreplay of nibbles and tickles and I cry out loudly as your erect cock fills my waiting pussy. We grind together for what seems like forever until we collapse in our orgasms. Exhausted we lay on the floor and I fall asleep in your arms.

I awaken in bed, wondering how I got there and you enter the room with a tray bearing a small snack and a single white rose. After my snack we cuddle together and watch a movie on the hotels closed circuit TV. I fall asleep again and you also go to sleep, at my side, holding me close. I wake up suddenly in the middle of the night and slip out of bed for a glass of water. I change into a clean slip and gently crawl back under the covers careful not to awaken you. As I lay there trying to fall back asleep, I realize it is no use, I was still too worked up from our day together and I knew I was leaving in the morning. So, I slowly slip down deeper under the covers and turn so that I can tease you awake. I gently check to see exactly where your cock is and am glad you were sleeping naked. I crawl closer and begin to lick your cock until it begins to grow. You move a little, no doubt having a wet dream! I decide to make it wetter and close my mouth over your cock and gently suck it until it is hard and throbbing, amazingly you are still asleep and I climb on top of you sliding your cock into my wet pussy. Believing you are still sleeping I begin to ride your cock, suddenly you grab my hips and move my body up and down, chuckling that now I was the one surprised. You rolled us over and sucked on my slip covered breasts as you fucked my pussy. We were wild and passionate that night hoping it would last forever. We did not stop until the glow of dawn began to peek through the curtains, then we again slept in each others arms.

Okay, I think I am beginning to confuse my dreams with reality, so I will stop and get this in the mail.

Hungrily, Suzi




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Stevi Sundae: Kelly Jean’s Hot Posing

That disarming face!

Kelly Jean is a big fan favorite.

Just look at her face and you’ll understand why so many fans fell in love with her!

Truly the girl next door!


And what a tease!

Watch as Kelly Jean first shows off her sexy body in garters, stockings, and heels.

Concentrating on that luscious hairy bush!!


This tease can’t take it either, and ends up pleasuring both herself and you by pulling out her trusty dildo!


A sexy little seductress, is our Kelly Jean!



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Karen Summer

Here’s a sexy blast from the past!

That 80s hair…

That all-natural body…

She was hot then,









and she’s hot now…

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