Throwback Thursday: The Paradise Club

Here’s a name that was well-known before the turn of the century…

John Wayne Bobbitt.

To be honest, I was less than thrilled with this particular type of celebrity, and was personally ashamed of the adult industry for providing it.

But, like a good little reporter, I kept my personal views to myself (usually).

Here’s an article from an appearance Bobbitt made at New York City’s Paradise Club, originally published in Video Xcitement in January of 1995.

They were all gathered there, waiting for him to arrive. There was Playgirl, Gentleman’s Quarterly, The New York Post, Screw, Celebrity Skin, numerous independents & European reporters and, of course, yours truly, Stevi Secret.

“Who you reportin’ for?” asked a photographer next to me, as he played with his camera.

“Video Xcitement!” I replied confidently.

“Video Xcitement, hmm. Where is that?” he asked, without looking up.

“Michigan” I answered.

He paused briefly, a puzzled look crossing his face. “Michigan. Where is Michigan Avenue anyway?”

“Not Michigan Avenue Michigan, the State of Michigan!” I retorted.

He really looked perplexed now. “What in the hell are they doing way out there?”

Welcome to New York City and welcome to the media circus surrounding the recent Manhattan appearance of John Wayne Bobbitt at the “Paradise Club” promoting his new John Wayne Bobbitt: Uncut video from Leisure Time. If this night was any indication, Bobbitt’s upcoming tour of gentlemen’s clubs will not go unnoticed.

Hype for the event actually began early in the morning, as Bobbitt’s appearance was announced on the Howard Stern Show to New York’s awakening millions. Eager to gauge the response, I arrived early, only to be greeted by a long line of fans extending out the door and onto the sidewalk of the “Empire Erotica.” Although I couldn’t see him, according to the schedule, Bobbitt was inside signing autographs.

Amazed by the response, I went inside the Paradise Club with one big question on my mind… “Is he the “Famous” or “Infamous” John Wayne Bobbitt?” I spoke with many people about Bobbitt, with varying results. One starry-eyed dancer at the club told me she’d touched him and would ‘never wash that hand again’! Others had the opposite reaction, calling the celebrity treatment Bobbitt was receiving ‘a disgrace and an insult to women.’ Everyone seemed to have an opinion, with very little middle ground, except for one group of guys gathered near the stage who told me they ‘just wanted to watch the naked girls.’

Not a bad idea I thought, as I settled back in the press area. As I described in the opening, there was a large number of photographers and reporters gathered (at least 30). The crowd itself grew larger and larger, as showtime approached. Most of those there wore little badges indicating a ‘comped’ admission.

Bobbitt finally arrived about 11:00 p.m. (an hour late), entering to a burst of photographers’ flashes. One of Howard Stern’s sidekicks, Boy Gary, served as MC and after a few quick jokes, introduced “John Wayne Bobbitt and Friends’ which turned out to be a couple of “house dancers” and former Penthouse pet, Lori Wagner.

The show itself began as the two house dancers attacked Bobbitt, stripping him down to a tiny G-string, handcuffing him to a chair and then turning him into a human banana split… complete with whipped cream and a strategically placed banana!

Bobbitt then entered the shower used in these shows, where he was joined by Lori Wagner for some cleaning fun; all to the delight of the howling crowd. Boy Gary, joined now by Robyn Byrd, ended the show with some more jokes.

Although the actual show was over, the fireworks were not, as Bobbitt held a ‘media only” press conference and photo session in the Paradise Club dungeon. Short a model, I posed with him and Lori Wagner in some photos for the assemblage.

The press conference then turned raucous, as Bobbitt agreed to be tied to the torture wheel by the club’s resident Mistresses – Tara & Payne. They spun him upside down, whipped him, placed a burning candle on his crotch, and in general, made his life difficult, to the glee of the on-looking reporters. While he was hanging upside down, Bobbitt could be heard to mutter, “I don’t like this.”

All in all, it was a fun evening at the Paradise Club (now Rick’s Cabaret). If you’re ever in New York, be sure and drop in this fine, upscale nude club at 50 W. 33rd Street. The Paradise features more than the usual gentleman’s club fare, with slow, touch dancing, nude table dances, dungeon, lesbian show, doctor’s office, and over 50 totally nude entertainers.

Oh, I almost forgot. No, I didn’t get to see his famous dick. He told me if I wanted to see it, I’d have to buy the movie… that’s show biz I guess!

So, of course, I watched the movie! lol

If you want to see it, you can stream John Wayne Bobbitt: Uncut right now!

Stevi Sundae: Pantyhose Sluts

Oh the joys of amateur adult movie producing!

No, really!

Sometimes the new models really surprised me.

Like these two from Pantyhose Sluts.

Jade and Annie put on quite the performance in this little pantyhose skit!

Jade plays the part of a pantyhose lovin burglar caught in the act by horny Annie!

These pantyhose skits were always so much fun to make!

And it was always so much better when the ladies really showed their passion for pantyhose!

Click here to see more screen captures from Pantyhose Sluts!

Or click here to stream Pantyhose Sluts right now!

Stevi Sundae: Oral Adventures

All oral!

All Stevi’s Secrets models!

That’s Laurie Cameron on the cover. While Laurie wasn’t a regular Stevi’s Secrets model, she did feature in a few of our best titles!

This movie also has blowjob scenes featuring me (Stevi Secret), Christy Creame, Jennifer Blue, Mikki, Jeanie, Becki, and Greta Carlson!

This is all shot from an angle that avoids the faces of the men so that the viewer (you) can focus on the action!

Did I mention that you can stream Stevi’s Secrets’ Oral Adventures right now!

Go ahead, click here. You know you want to! (There are more pictures…)

Laugh it up

Usually adult movies are meant to stimulate a bone that is far from your funny bone!

But, then there are those created to tickle both.

Like adult tickling movies!

I have some experience with these myself, and I remember being quite titillated (see what I did there).

I decided to do a little looking about to see if I could find a good tickling movie to watch (one that I didn’t produce, lol).

I must admit, the tied and tickled fare has become much more intense since the nineties!

Here’s one from David Mack Video that I thought I would share.

The Tickle Channel 2015 Volume 1 has some delightfully erotic tickling that is sure to leave you gasping in lust and laughter.

The bondage is downright artful, and the tickling is sinfully fantastic!

I’m not sure that I would define vibrator use as tickling, but I’m sure glad it was included!

See more images or stream The Tickle Channel 2015 Volume 1 right now!

If you’d like to see some of my own tickling productions, click here!

The Unshaven

I know that the trend these days is to be smooth shaven.

But I have to admit that I still prefer a natural bush.

Whether that bush is growing on male or female genitalia.

And yes, this means that I usually keep my own pubic region au naturale.

Though, I do sometimes trim it around the edges and add that little nip that shapes it into a heart. That’s a bit of a secret, so don’t go spreading it around (wink).

For those who feel the same, here’s a hairy production from Homegrown Video!

Natural Bush 42 features 4 hot ladies with thick thatches of pubic hair!

My favorites are Darcy and Alisa! They just so obviously enjoyed themselves!

Click here to learn more or to stream Natural Bush 42 right now!

Ever see a German film

Okay, okay. So it isn’t one of THOSE German films.

Had you going though, didn’t I?

The hot sex will smash down any language barrier you might have!

As a groan or a moan, or a scream are the same in any language!

Beautiful ladies, too!

Click here to stream Mein Bester Fick now!

I need more of this!

Don’t we all?

I’m not necessarily referring to the exercise…

Somebody, please let me know how the virtual reality experience goes!

Stream Booty Workout now at


Okay, I admit that I have little interest in participating personally in outdoor sporting activities, but I still like to watch!

I’ve even been known to go out onto a golf course or two.

The picture above is from a charity event that I attended several years ago. Here’s the article I wrote about it Throwback Thursday: Cheetah’s Topless Golfers

Since I was thinking about golf, I figured I’d see what porn had to offer on the subject and ran across this sweet selection from Caribbeancom Studios!

Caribbean Ladies Golf Cup 1

Makes you want to dust off those clubs, doesn’t she?

Want to see what’s hiding behind that golf ball?

Then click on over and stream it for yourself!


The first time…

It’s a little humid today for the first time in at least a week.

The more humid it is, the more uncomfortable a full head of hair feels.

That reminded me of the first time I shaved my head, or rather, had my head shaved.

I have to admit, I was nervous!

But I don’t think it showed. 🙂

Or did it? Maybe that’s why my eyes were so wide!

If you want to see more, I have it all on video! You can watch ‘Stevi Shaves Her Head’ now, just click here!